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The Anglican-Lutheran Society was formed in 1984 by two friends. Both were Christians - one a Lutheran, the other an Anglican. In conversation they quickly realized that neither knew very much about the other's tradition.

Recognizing that there must be many others like them, and being English, they decided to form a society, and the Anglican Lutheran Society was born.

Its aims are:

       •  To promote a wider interest in and knowledge of our respective traditions and           common developments within  them

       •  To develop opportunities for common worship, study, friendship and witness

       •  To encourage prayer for the unity of the Church and especially between           Anglicans and Lutherans world wide

From these small beginnings in Britain, where Lutherans form a minority among Christian believers, membership has spread into other European countries, where it is the Anglicans who form the minority, and on across the world.

This growth of the Society reflects the remarkable convergence in theological understanding that has taken place in the Anglican and the Lutheran Communions in recent years. Our two traditions have a deep affinity in faith, worship, life and mission and each has much to offer that can enrich the other.

Members of the Society find this out for themselves as they meet, worship, study and enjoy fellowship together.

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