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The Anglican-Lutheran Society holds international conferences. These usually take place somewhere in Europe, but we have enjoyed occasional visits to the United States of America. In the past the European venues have tended to alternate between the British Isles and the European mainland.

Our next Conference will be

from 24th-28th August 2018 in DURHAM in the North-East of England.


We shall explore ways of finding the real presence of Christ in the Cosmos, in Conflict and in Conflict Resolution, in Liturgy, in Music and in the World Around Us.

The conference will be based in St Chad's College in the heart of the city and just across the road from the cathedral.

A brochure is being prepared and will be circulated to members shortly.


Our last conference, in Visby, Sweden, from 19th to 23rd August 2016, is fully reported via the 'Home' page.


The Conference before that was held at the Lajos Ordass Lutheran Church Conference Centre at Révfülöp on the northern shore of Lake Balaton, 12th-16th September 2014. The title was


Everyone seems to have found it a very good and enjoyable event. The weather could have been kinder, but the worship, presentations, outings, leisure times and accommodation all combined to create a valuable programme. People came from 20 different countries, and representatives of a number of tiny minority Churches were delighted to be able to share their experience.

A brief report is available here.

You can download the presentations by clicking on the links below.

1. Tibor Fabiny handout : and audio presentation

2. Praxedis Bouwman : Michael Jackson

3. Annamária Buda : Madeleine Holmes

4. Roy Long : Robin Greenwood

5. Christiane Groeben : Jorge Piña Cabral

6. Anne Burghardt

You can also see a reaction to the whole conference written by some of the Hungarian participants here


If you would like to get a flavour of what our conferences are like here is a report of the one we held in 2012 in the UK


And if you would like to read about some of our earlier conferences, click here.


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