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The Anglican-Lutheran Society holds international conferences. These usually take place somewhere in Europe, but we have enjoyed occasional visits to the United States of America. In the past the European venues have tended to alternate between the British Isles and the European mainland.

Our next Conference will be

in Rome, 19th-23rd October, 2020

We have booked accommodation for 42 participants at

Casa Internationalis Paul VI

which is just a short walk from the Vatican and conveniently situated in the heart of the city

Brochures were sent out to members at the end of July and within a very short time all 42 places were taken. Efforts are being made to find a limited number of additional rooms in order to accommodate a few more. If you would llike to come to Rome but have not yet booked you can contact the Conference Registrar who will advise you if anyone is forced to withdraw and a place becomes available. Contact Mrs Helen Harding at


Our most recent Conference took place

from 24th-28th August 2018 in DURHAM in the North-East of England.


At present you can find a full account of it on the Home page.


The previous International Conference took place in Visby, Sweden, from 19th-23rd August 2016

The theme was 'Churches: Constant Yet Ever Changing' and we considered ways in which the Church has always adapted so as to communicate the Christian faith in ways appropriate to different times and contexts, and some of the ways in which it might need to do so today.

DAY ONE - you can find a brief summary of our activities by clicking here.

To read Richard Wottle's presentation, 'The Body of Christ and the Pearl of the Baltic Sea - Past and Present on Gotland', click here.

DAY TWO - and we have enjoyed a most informative and relaxing journey round the south of the Island of Gotland. To see where we went and what we did, please click here.

DAY THREE - it has rained a lot, but we have been indoors most of the time! To see what we have been doing, and to read about some of our worship and the presentations we have enjoyed, click here

To read the presentation by Sally Barnes and Eliza Zikmane, 'The Tyranny of the Normal', click here.

You can find Michael Ipgrave's sermon here.

Johan Dalman's own summary of his presentation on the Porvoo Agreement and some thoughts about personal spirituality is available here.

Anna Norman-Walker's presentation about'Worship as Mission' is here.

The PowerPoint slides Anna used can be viewed here.

DAY FOUR, - the sun has been shining again. To see what we have been enjoying today please click here.

Professor Tiefensee's presentation on the challenge presented to Christian mission by religious indifference can be found here.

We had five excellent workshops presented by our members. Two of them involved no written text, but outlines of the other three can be found

Workshop 3 'Christian Faith and Corruption' here PowerPoint here

Workshop 4 'Culture in the Church' here

Workshop 5 'Reformation500' here.

You can read Jonas Jonson's masterly summing up of the conference here.

DAY FIVE - the conference ended with a Final Eucharist. You can read about it by clicking here.

Click here for a precis of the sermon preached by Bishop Martin Lind.


The Conference before that was held at the Lajos Ordass Lutheran Church Conference Centre at Révfülöp on the northern shore of Lake Balaton, 12th-16th September 2014. The title was



Everyone seems to have found it a very good and enjoyable event. The weather could have been kinder, but the worship, presentations, outings, leisure times and accommodation all combined to create a valuable programme. People came from 20 different countries, and representatives of a number of tiny minority Churches were delighted to be able to share their experience.

A brief report is available here.

You can download the presentations by clicking on the links below.

1. Tibor Fabiny handout : and audio presentation

2. Praxedis Bouwman : Michael Jackson

3. Annamária Buda : Madeleine Holmes

4. Roy Long : Robin Greenwood

5. Christiane Groeben : Jorge Piña Cabral

6. Anne Burghardt

You can also see a reaction to the whole conference written by some of the Hungarian participants here


If you would like to get a flavour of what our conferences are like here is a report of the one we held in 2012 in the UK


And if you would like to read about some of our earlier conferences, click here.


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