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Coming Together

All over the world Anglicans and Lutherans have been drawing closer together in ways that are significant:

     •  The Meissen Declaration, 1991, brought closer links between the Church of         England and the Protestant Churches in Germany .

     •  The Porvoo Declaration, 1996, brought four Anglican Churches in Great Britain         and Ireland and the Lutheran Churches in Norway , Sweden , Iceland , Finland ,         Lithuania and Estonia into full communion.

     •  The Reuilly Common Statement, 1999, brought greater cooperation between the         British and Irish Anglican churches and French Lutheran and Reformed         churches.

     •  ‘Called to Common Mission', 2000, established full communion between the         Episcopal  Church in the USA and the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America .

     •  The Waterloo Declaration, 2001, brought the Anglican Church of Canada and         Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada into full communion.

Details of more recent Anglican and Lutheran ecumenical discussions in other places around the world can be found here.

Clearly, the more aware people of our two traditions are of these discussions and agreements, and of the possibilities they open up, the better. The Society keeps members informed by publishing a newsletter called ‘The Window', by encouraging members to arrange local meetings and workshops, and by arranging regular conferences.

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